Thursday, June 7, 2012


ORU = One
SINGAL = single

In Chennai when you go to a tea shop and ask for tea you might sometimes be asked: Single or cup?

The quantity of tea in a cup will be more and hence costs more than a single.

Let us explore inflation with reference to the single tea.

When I was in college, we used to go to Sukumar Tea Stall in Oliver Road beside our college, Vivekananda
College for a quick tea. The year 1967. A single tea we got for 15 paise.

In 2002, I used to frequent the tea stall in Mount Road and the single (which I always refer as hot water - becuase it is often nothing more than that) was priced Rs.2.

A few years later it went up to 2.50 but due to the coins problem they jacked it up to 3.00.

Within a year or so due to the increase in price of milk, 3 became 4.

And, within a very sort time span 4 has become Rs.5.

A cup of coffee in Chennai airport costs Rs.80.

That is inflation for you from the point of view of cost of tea. Yesterday I read somewhere that drinking
four cups of tea a day reduces diabetes. Any takers?

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