Saturday, June 9, 2012

Credit card?....Never

Some years back cell phones used to be bombarded by tele-callers.

I always believe in living within my means and buy whatever needed with cash.

For a brief period of time I carried a credit card for a specific purpose. When the period
of validity expired, I did not renew it.

So you see I am clear about my not requiring a credit card. This being so, I did not wish
to take the calls from the tele-callers selling credit cards. Nor did I like them to extend the
conversation with me.

And I devised my own conversation to cut such calls:

Caller: Hallo Sir, Do you use a credit card?

Me: Have a nice day! I never use a credit card, only visiting card!!

And I will abruptly cut the call.

A friend of mine had his own way of dealing.

Caller: Hallo Sir, xxx bank has pre-approved a loan to you.
He: Oh, very good. Is that so? How much you will give?
Caller: Upto Rs. 1 lakh.
He: Is that so? My requirement is 10 crores.

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