Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Parker can be connected to pens by almost anyone. The brand is that famous.

In the year 1959 my father gave me a Parker pen and ball-pen set which was gifted to him.

I used to buy the Parker Quink ink for this pen. The famous ad went like this:
"Don't say Ink. Say Quink!". In later years this became Chelpark ink.

I loved the Parker retractable ball-pen. And it had a very smooth flow. With this pen in hand
anyone will love to write. And write. And write.

During my school years in the sixties the other ball pen which I loved was the Wilson ball pen.
In those days there were only two kinds of refills. Either the jotter refill or the ordinary refill.

In later years the Parker pens begun to be manufactured in India by Luxor. But these pens are
in no way comparable to the original one that I had.

Nowadays there are hundreds of ball pen brands and varieties of refills. It has become a use
and throw world. I may buy a pen today but by the time the refill is to be replaced, it will not
be available!

My most recent ball pen model which I prefer to buy is the Reynolds Revo.

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