Thursday, June 14, 2012

Two heroes

You thought I am going to speak about Kamal and Rajini? No, not today.

My two heroes are my Hero pen and my Hero harmonica.

In 1957 we were staying in Secunderabad in a house owned by Parsis. In those days radios were few and we used to request them to increase the volume to enable us to hear the famous Binaca Geet Mala. One of the sons used to practice playing the mouth-organ every day. I too became interested in the harmonica and
later on in the 70's when the Burma Buzaar used to sell all sorts of genuine imported items, I bought my
first harmonica. The Hero harmonica manufactured in China. I bought it for a princely sum of Rs.15.
I always wanted to own a Hohner mouth-organ and this I was able to buy in Mustafa in 2002 when I visited Singapore along with my friends in Voltas. I wanted one with a button, but they had only one model and only one piece. I never really learnt to play, but even today I occasionally pick up the harmonica and play: Hai apna dil... Just one or two lines!!

The other Hero which I used to buy now and then is the Hero pen. I browsed the internet and found
that the model is known as the Hero 616 Classic. The only colour which was available was the Burgundy.
I like the black colour and rarely one could pick up a black one. I feel I still have one of these pens in my home in India. If not, I feel I could still be able to pick up one in some shop in Chennai, to revive those old memories!


The wonder of internet:  I am interested in solving crosswords. And I am aware that Vinod Raman whom I met sometime back is not only an expert in solving and composing crosswords but also very good in playing the harmonica. Out of curiosity I typed Vinod-harmonica in you tube and yes I heard him playing
the full song, Hai apna dil! That is the reach of the internet.

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