Thursday, June 21, 2012

On losing things

Many among us lose or maybe keep losing a few things.

And of course I can tell you the two most common things that one loses: (1) Pen and (2) Umbrella.

At least in the Fountain Pen days, we could keep the cap and give the body alone. Thanks to Ball
Point Pens, that facility is lost.

Last year when we went to Dubai, I was looking at a Parker ball point pen in the airport.
My friend immediately asked the clerk to bill the item and he gifted the pen to me.

Every now and then, I resolve that henceforth I will always carry a Parker ball pen only.

So when I got this pen, I carried it along with me. But that was only for a few days. This time
I didn't lose it. Someone knocked it off.

I find that a similar pen is available for Rs.200 with flipkart. After returning to India, I have
resolved to buy this pen and.........

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