Monday, June 11, 2012

Putting yourself in the mood

Many years back I used to listen to a western instrumental music programme aired for half-an-hour
in the morning known as "Music to put you in the mood".

And the instrumental numbers did just that. They put you in the mood for a day's hard work ahead of you.

When we meet people it is customary to ask: "How do you do?"

How many dull and half-hearted replies do we get for this? Many, in fact.

But our mentor in Prabal Electricals Shri Prabhakar (PP) when asked "How do you do" will
invariably in a loud voice and beaming face would say: "Right on top of the world and how about you?"

Well, that would put us really in the mood and which also helped us in being interactive with our
service industry customers.

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