Sunday, June 3, 2012

Knock, knock, knock - jokes apart

Knock, knock, knock.

Who's this?

Opportunity. Open the door.

No, can't.


Opportunity knocks only once!!

Jokes apart, opportunity does not come quite often in one's life. If we happen to see it, better
get hold of it.

I am giving you the price of silver (in dollars per troy ounce (31.1 grams)) as on 1st of June
for the last few years:

1.6.2003: 4.5 dollars
1.6.2004: 6.2 dollars
1.6.2005: 7.4 dollars
1.6.2006: 12.0 dollars
1.6.2007: 13.5 dollars
1.6.2008: 17.0 dollars
1.6.2009: 16.0 dollars
1.6.2010: 18.0 dollars
1.6.2011: 38.0 dollars (Yes, thirty-eight, that's right!!)
1.6.2012: 28.5 dollars
1.6.2013: ?
1.6.2014: ?

Do you see a missed opportunity and an opportunity knocking your doors right now?

I have no comments - leaving it to your judgement.

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