Friday, March 9, 2012

B, B and B

The other day I went to this wonderful shop in a mall which is in walking distance from my apartment. It is called Bed Bath & Beyond.

I was told that they have another company, Buy Buy Baby.

Oh, to be in business, they need 3 B's is it, I said.

Talking of 3 B's my favourite 3 B's is the B B Bath.

Many among you can recognise what it is. Yes it is the Bisi Bela Bath served with chips.
The signature dish of Woodys. That is the Drive-in Woodlands restuarant which is no longer there. The other nice dishes were Semia Bakala Bath and the apple bajji marketed by the
well endowed man!

Good old days, guys used to go there on Sunday mornings to ogle at the girls from nearby Stella Maris college. That was the in-thing. Breakfast with nice dishes*. Alas! Everthing is on-line now. You may probably order BBBath on line while browsing a site maybe named minglewithsingle!

There is this cycle shop in Velachery. It is known as Jus Buy Cycles.

I was wondering if BBB opened an Indian restaurant what will they name it?
Bisi Bela, Biriyani and more? After biriyani if you asked for butter milk they
may probably say: Sure, you can have some more*.

*more=butter-milk in tamil.

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