Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Two bags full!

I am interested in coins and am always on the look out for an odd coin to come into my

If I am given a handful or bagful of coins to view, I will be very happy indeed.

But the incident which I am going to narrate happened a few years back and I was not
aware of it until told to me months later.

My friend sold an air-conditioner for Rs.19,000 to a trader in George Town. The payment
was not forthcoming despite several weeks and reminders.

So one day he went and met the customer and told him that the payment has to be given.

The trader after some hesitation showed him two large gunny bags and said: There, take your payment.

My friend didn't quite understand. Upon inspection the bags were full of small coins of Re.1
and Rs. 2 denominations etc.

My friend had to carry those two bags in an auto and also had considerable difficulty in encashing the coins as the banks would not accept the same!

How I wish I were give a chance to inspect the bags!

P.S. If any of you have some old coins, pass them over to me!

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