Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Fine Print

The fine print.

It is always there. We know it. But we don't care.

At times, we are even told what is in fine print.....

And still we didn't care!

Yes. Years back we wanted to do something new and we were told that English Electric (EE)
is looking for contractors to supply hylam boards to their size and requirements.

We wanted to take up the work and we knew that EE took 90 to 100 days to make the payment.

When we had amost finalised the contract, a friend of ours pointed out the fine print. EE will make the payment after 90 days. But, repeat but, the bill has to be submitted 90 days after the supply of goods.

That would be 90+90= 180 days!

We decided that we will keep supplying and wait patiently for the first six months, after which we could expect monthly payments.

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