Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Indian and India

Indian, the movie?


Be Indian, Buy Indian?

No, No.

I am talking of grammar. We may not know the grammar, but we do know grammatically correct usage. Most of the time. What if there be a small mistake or error, so long as the communication is smooth.

Sachin plays for the Indian team. The dhoti is an Indian dress.

But what about IBH? or IHC? IBH is India Book House and not Indian Book House. So also, IHC is the India Hobby Centre, the famous hobby shop near Arts College (Now Quaid-e-Millath college) in Anna Salai. I am not sure if it is still there. India Book House I have visited a couple of times, in C-in-C Road, now Ethiraj Salai.

In the late seventies, I was helping my friends in administrative area and a new company was floated, initially as a partnership company. I was asked to buy the deed papers and I sent someone with a chit. Somebody didn't notice properly and India Data Processors became Indian Data Processors just because in the deed paper it was written as Indian Data Processors. My mentor Rahu Ram pointed out the mistake in a trice but said, "What's in a name? Let it be Indian".

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