Monday, March 12, 2012

Nurturing of talent

Let us understand these words in simple language.

Nurture: to educate, to train
Talent: capacity for achievement.

Now let us come back to the topic: Nurturing of talent

Can talent be nurtured? Of course, it can be! The super singer junior competition
which is being aired is standing testimony.

One child who was on the verge of being eliminated last week, came out with flying colours
and got spot selected. She remarked that she had a fire in her and wanted to compete with
her other friends and come out in flying colours.

And remember, they have a guru. The voice expert.

Do some introspection and find out what your talent is which you want to nurture. Find a suitable guru and practice!

Can be anything: Selling air-conditioners, cooking, playing football, completing your post graduation after retirement, drawing, anything. As for training you have that wonderful reservoir of knowledge: The computer and internet.

As they say: JUST DO IT.

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