Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Puns - how it all started...

Puns - how it all started....

This incidence happened years ago when I went to Tirumala with a couple of my friends.

Our friend Sekhar (SPR) had gone to the counter to fetch some tickets for all of us.
It was quite some time since he had left and Mr. Krishnaswamy (MK) asked what
is happening?

I said: "Sekar has reached the counter but he has to counter the other man's reach".

Mr. Raghu Ram (SRR) who was with us asked me to repeat what I had said.

MK was amazed and me too when I realised that there was a double pun.

I strongly believe that this incidence triggered my interest in puns.

Here are some other puns which I have enjoyed:

A man went to the train station and asked the station master - "Which was do I go to catch
the train to Bangalore?" The station master replied - "If you go left you will be right..but if you go right you will be left".

Disciple to monk: " Oh Master, is it right for monks to use e-mail?
Master: "Sure, as long as there are no attachments."

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