Thursday, March 29, 2012

Egilichi and Hamilton Bridge

Have you heard of Madame Egilichi? You might not have. She is a character in the famous Marx Brothers movie Love Happy. And if you haven't seen any of the Marx Brothers movies, it is time you do. You will be left wondering why you missed watching all these days or years!

In this movie Love Happy, one of the Marx brothers, Harpo, a dumb character (dumb in all the movies) acts in sign language and somehow conveys that Madame Egilichi is about to be murdered. He first shows something like flying and the other guy says bird? and then eagle? Yes, yes. And then Harpo starts scratching himself. Scratch? Itch? Itchy? Eagle itchy, Eagle itchy, Eagleitchy, Egilichi.
But then to enjoy the whole sequence you MUST watch Love Happy.

Hamilton's bridge is in Chennai. And it became Barber's bridge. How? Hamilton, Hamilton, amilton, ambaton, ambattan. Tamil being the language in Chennai, Ambattan in tamil is Barber. So, like in the movie above, Hamilton's bridge became Barber's bridge!!!

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