Monday, March 26, 2012

Howling customer

A very good friend of mine came howling into my office one day.

He is a very good friend of mine today, but on the day that he came howling into my office
he was a customer and I was the manager of the company and I had taken the reigns only
a few days earlier.

He had bought two air-conditioners from us three years earlier and there was some problem
with the units.

I listened patiently to him, kept silent and when he had completed his howling, I told him
that I will meet him in his house the next day and inspect his units.

The next day, I took a small gift and went along with my technician to his house. I handed the gift to his wife.

I asked my technician to inspect the units and clean them thoroughly. They were working well.

He was happy. I way happy. And we became very thick friends thereafter.

(It turned out that he wanted to get free service for his machines. Once in a way we don't mind such things. He was in the vigilance department of a government department and so the howling part was something he used to do day in and day out. One year after this we had some work in the particular department and he helped us in getting our job done.)

Moral: What we sow today, we can reap tomorrow.

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