Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Silver - the sound and light show.

Ah Silver! That fantastic precious metal!!

My first glimpse of this metal was when I was a young lad of 8 or 9. My maternal grand-father had saved some one rupee coins. One rupee coins? Oh yes, around 100 to 120 coins in all. But these were all silver coins. They were big. They were shining. And on top of that someone threw a coin on the floor to demonstrate that peculiar sound of silver. How many of you have enjoyed the sight and sound of this metal?

We all know that gold and silver are precious metals and we have them in our houses in the form of jewellery, vessels and coins. Why, most of you can see that gold ring in their finger right now while reading this post.

But you know something? Silver, unlike gold is consumable. Yes, silver is used in a variety of industries. Our smart phones have them. The silver used in them cannot be recovered.

The price of silver has been steadily increasing over the years, but the prices are very volatile.
Many experts are of the opinion that silver is grossly under-priced and that it could double or more in the next year or so.

What does this augur? Silver could prove to be a good hedge against inflation. So let us start putting away our savings in the form of silver.

Silver can be purchased in the form of bars and coins. Jewellery, collectables and so on.

One word of caution. Coins come in the form of rounds as well as in the form of numismatic coins.
The price of a numismatic coin depends upon two factors: (a) metal content and (b) condition of the coin. If you are not interested in numismatics don't venture into them. Do your homework first.

Instead of going to a gift shop and breaking our head as to which is an appropriate gift, why
can't we buy some silver coins and have them ready in our homes?

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