Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The story of Anna and other such

Before the decimal system of 100 paise to a rupee was introduced, Anna was the coin and
there were sixteen of them in a rupee. 4 annas was a quarter and 8 annas was half-a-rupee.

People spoke about Rupees, annas and paise (one anna = 4 paise and one paisa=3 pies). I do not know how many of you have handled these coins. To avoid confusion the new paisa was for quite some time known as naya paisa.

Around the same time we started using the metric system in measurement 100mm= 1 metre.
Nowadays everybody speaks in mm. Almost...

Old timers (like me and many others) can still understand quickly only in feet and inches.
What's your weight? 112 lbs. is what I prefer. In today's weight machine you will get
50 kgs.

In my own line of business the dimensions of deep freezers and bottle coolers are given in mm in the leaflets. Most of the customers would like the dimensions in feet and inches. So, we made out a chart giving the details in feet and inches and pasted it in a prominent place, so that it will be easy for us to interact with the customers.

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