Sunday, March 18, 2012


We all know POP - Point of Purchase display. The display is made in a mall or near the cash counter and so on.

AD 2002. Those were the days when melas were a popular way of display and sale. We used
to hire exhibition halls and marriage halls for a few days and display our air-conditioners, advertise in the local papers, distribute leaflets and tried to increase our presence and sales.

But all this entailed a considerable expenditure. We could not continue doing this kind of an exercise, since the returns were not commensurate with the expenditures.

Narayanan, the sales executive in Voltas suggested that we do something fresh. So we went
away from the point of purchase. We went to the Elliot Beach! Out of point of purchase (OO-POP)!!

We had an open tempo. We decorated it and kept the air-conditioner in it.

Every day in the morning we would take our vehicle by 7 a.m. to the beach and park it there.
The morning joggers would stop by for a while to have a look at our air-conditioner/s. Quite a few purchased...

Today, with increasing time and expenses in travelling, people have taken to the internet in a very big way. They browse the web, compare the models and pricing and place their orders over phone/ or after choosing they visit the shop and buy. Going around from shop to shop is no longer the order of the day.

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