Thursday, March 15, 2012


When I was young I used to hear this quite often. Brand new. Meaning absolutely new.

I am wearing a brand new shirt. I played cricket today with my brand new bat. And so on.

And we got to also know about brands. Vanaspathi got branded as Dalda. It became a household name so much so that people wanted Dalda. The brand name itself became a product! Even today people go to the shops and ask for a Thermos flask. They do not seem to know that Thermos is a brand name.

At times very famous brands die. Hear Kodak and you think of the camera. Recently Eastman Kodak filed for bankruptcy.

Today there are hundreds of brands. Everything is branded. Even your day-to-day Idly batter is branded! My coconut hair oil? Branded.

We stick to certain brands and become loyal to them. Hamam soap? Colgate toothpaste? Topaz blade? Voltas air-conditioner? I have been using these for years and can never imagine changing them.

Oh, coming to think of it, our superstar Rajini is a brand in himself. Time I branded (pun not intended) myself. What about you, you and you?

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