Friday, March 30, 2012

British India and Republic India

Some numismatists collect all coins. Some collect British India coins while a few others collect Republic India coins. Let it be.

I want to tell you something about British Madras. The Fort St. George (Kottai) was established
in AD 1639. India got its Independence in the year 1947. We can see that the Englishmen were around for more than 300 years in Madras.

We can see this everywhere even these days.

In the late sixties when I studied in Vivekananda College, I used to leave my house in Conran
Smith Road on my Hercules cycle (of course Indian bike, but this company was bought by TI Cycles in the year 1958 from the Britishers), get into Cathedral Road, go past Mowbrays Road into Edward Elliots Road and get into Sullivan's Garden Road to reach my college. In between classes we used to have a glass of tea in Sukumar Tea Stall in Oliver Road. At times we used to go to Samco in the junction of Eldams Road.

Movie? It was either Odeon, Midland, Minerva or New Elphinstone.

Books? Higginbothams.

I could go on and on...

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