Saturday, February 25, 2012

How many to display?

As a seller of air-conditioners, what is uppermost in my mind is the question: How many should I display?

My wife used to tell me: A sweet-shop owner should have his shop full of sweets.
Yes, agreed. What is the fun of having a sweet shop without bottles and bottles and trays and trays full of sweets?

If I own a car show room, will I have 25 cars in my showroom? Well, I don't think so. Most showrooms have 3 to 5 cars.

In the same logic should I have 50 air-conditioners in my showroom?

The numbers also depends upon the overall size of the showroom. Maybe 10 to 15 units representative of the various models and sizes would be fine.

Having said that one might ask, "How many units will be there in your godown?". I will answer this question on another occasion.

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