Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to become a lakhier


These days people talk of millions.....and lakhs of millions....samajthe hain na ji?

We had this four ground property in Gopalapuram and sometime around the late 60's we used to be proud of the fact that our property was worth a lakh of rupees! Today it would have been worth a hundred million rupees.

In the sixties people dreamt of a four figure salary.

In the nineties people dreamt of a five figure salary. Today it has gone up to six figures.

But let us come back to that figure Lakh; or Lac; or Rs.1,00,000.

At times in schools they would ask you to write an essay on how you would spend the amount of one lakh of rupees if it were made available to you.

Sometimes to become a lakhier you have to be luckier. In the seventies the Tamilnadu monthly lottery tickets were sold. 1 Re. per ticket. The first prize winner drawn gets Rs.1,00,000.

My father used to buy a couple of tickets every month and keep them under his pillow.

Something that he used to say quite often:

* You can dream of becoming a lakhier. But to do that at least you should have one lottery ticket with you!

* In business it is very difficult to make the first million. But after that, even if you don't want it, the millions will come pouring in!!

Have a nice day! Wishing you to become luckier!!


* Don't think you have become a millionaire by believing those SMSs!!

* Luck is another word for hard work.

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  1. Nice one. You could write your own story of how you built Crystopal a.c. by a.c ( not brick by brick). It could inspire younger people to become entrepreneurs. Very true, that it is difficult to initially get off the block, but once u have done it, there is no seeing back.