Monday, February 20, 2012

Two persons - one name.

When I was in school, there were two students with the same name, not only the same name but the same initial too. R. Subramanian. One student was called R1 Subramanian and the other as R2 Subramanian. R2 became Artoo and he was always called Artoo.

In my apartment complex there were two residents with the same name: Narayanan. One of them was working in a Bank and the other was working as a Marine Engineer. So one came to be known as Bank Narayanan and the other as Ship Narayanan. We took it a little further and Mrs. Girija Narayanan became Shippi!

In my company there were two Baskars. Baskar Sarma was our friend from day one and so the other Baskar who joined us much later came to be known as Vasu. I rejoined Prabal Electricals in January 2002 and for a few months I didn't know that Vasu is Baskar!

Some years back I went to Triplicane to my brother's friend Sridhar's house to sell an air-conditioner. While talking to me, he called "Bhargav" twice - loud and clear. I wondered why.
It so happened that his son's name was Bhargav!

I am Bhargav Gopal with surname. My daughter's friend is Bhargavi Gopal.

You too would have several such examples.

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