Monday, February 13, 2012

What is in a name?

First came MRR (Maddikere Rangappa Ranganath) my partner in Kool Kontrols.

Then came RR (Ramasubbu Ranganathan) my colleague in Prabal Electricals.

Air-conditioning business and motor repairing business. We were in need of transport

My dad suggested we buy and operate a tempo. And so Bharani Vans was born.

My dad arranged a loan of Rs.5,000 from my sister Indira.

And he suggested Bharani Vans as the name.

I asked him, Why Bharani.

Pat came the reply:
You are Bhargav - Bha
Ranganathan is your partner - Ran
And your sister Indira gave you the money - I

So Bharani. And you were born under the star Bharani.

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