Sunday, February 19, 2012

The weather is cool. The weather is freezing.

Oh yes, when we read this,

The weather is cool / The weather is freezing

we appreciate the essential difference between the two. In freezing weather it is cooler than cool!

In my own line of business we sell chest freezers and chest coolers.

Customers come and ask for either of the two. At times they are not sure which one they need to go in for. It is the duty of the sales person to talk to the customer and find out which are the things he is going to store. Milk, cool drinks? A cooler is needed. Meat, ice-cream? Well you know a freezer is required.

Some years back my salesman in his enthusiasm to sell a product just ordered for a freezer which the customer asked for and sent it to him, without talking to him and getting to know his need.

The customer phoned two days later and said that his beer bottles were breaking. I realised the mistake and quickly brought back the freezer and supplied a cooler instead.

Moral: Let us not be in a hurry to sell. Let us find out what exactly the customer needs.

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