Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scotch with a German in India

My partner Ranganath being a telugu speaking guy we had lots of customers whose mother tongue was telugu.

Satyanarayana Brothers (SNB) was one of our clients and they were at that time executing the Veeranam project.

Pfeiffer India had their plant in Nekkundram and were manufacturing the cement pipes required for the project.

The air-conditioner in one of the Executive's house in Boat club (what a nice and scenic spot it was in those days!) was not functioning and we were requested to attend upon it.

We went to his house and repaired the unit. I had attended German classes for two years in Max Mueller Bhavan and so spoke to him (a German national) a few sentences.

He was very pleased. He took us to his living room, made us sit and offered us Scotch whisky.
We had two rounds and bid him farewell.

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