Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What value can we add?

We see that the very same product is sold by so many shops. The rates are also more or less
the same.

In such cases, our getting business boils down to the most important thing:


One day I was going back home from my office around 7 pm in the evening. My driver was driving the car and so I was free to attend to phone calls. Pradeep, a TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) employee rang me up and he wanted a split air-conditioner. He works in the Siruseri area of Chennai which is around 30 Kms away from my showroom.

Voltas, being a Tata group company has special discounts for all group employees. So there is no question of negotation of price.

He was finding it difficult to come all the way to my showroom to make the payment and other formalities associated with purchasing as a group employee.

I told him not to worry. He need not move from his chair to buy the product which he had decided.

Just scan me the copies of your documents and send me by e-mail and I will collect the documents and payment at the time of delivery of the machine, I told him.

The job was done. Because some value was added.

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