Friday, February 17, 2012

I wanted it yesterday!


This is the famous Lucas-TVS company of the Sundaram group.

We were one of the leading rewinders of electric motors doing business under the name and style of Prabal Electricals.

The early and late seventies was the time Chennai was really a large village. At times we even
used to go twice in a day to Lucas TVS to collect motors which required repairs. Some machines had spare motors. Others did not. In a machine which did not have a spare motor, a motor going out of order was grave. The production line would be hampered. We were expected to repair such motors in a war footing.

Mr. Narayan was an engineer in the W.E.D. (Works Engineering Department) and he used to speak English like an Englishman.

One day, after collecting a motor for repairs, I asked him: "Sir, how soon do you want the motor back?".

He replied: "I wanted it yesterday!".

I got the message. I started to run.

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