Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Potatoes, onions, what about tomatoes?

In the year 1990 we had given our property to Alacrity foundations for development into flats.

I used to frequent the place as it was being developed and would often chance upon persons who were interested in buying a flat in the project: Madhurima.

One such person was Gnanasambandan who was to become a very good friend of mine much later.

He was keen to know the facilities in and around Conran Smith Road.

Do you have vegetable shops nearby?

Oh yes, Sir, you have I said.

Do you get potatoes?

Aye, Sir.

And onions?

Aye, aye, Sir.

What about tomatoes?

Well, that really tickled my funny bone. I said, Sir, in a shop where you get potatoes and onions you will surely get tomatoes, beans, carrot and so on. Don't you worry.

He later purchased a flat in our complex and we are good friends. I nicknamed him
Thakkali Sambandam and it has stuck to this day!

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