Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'll fix it, dear Henry, dear Henry. I'll fix it.

Dr. Henry Dasa.

He rang me up two days before Deepavali 2011.

As is my wont, I enquired about his family and his profession. He is a medical doctor
working for Futura Polyesters in Manali. His wife is also a doctor.

I recalled my association with Indian Organic Chemicals Limited (IOCL - now known as Futura Fibres) and the work we did for them and the engineer Mr. Jayachandran.

He was happy and was confident that I will do a good job and keep up my word.

A perfectionist, he explained his requirement of a one tonne split air-conditioner. He had
decided where the indoor was to be fixed, where the outdoor unit was to be kept, how many metres of copper pipes were needed and so on. I listened patiently.

He added that the unit was to be delivered and fixed the next day. I pointed out that it was rainy and my apprehensions on fixing the unit the next day. He said that his wife was not able to bear the noise of crackers and that the most important thing was that the unit was to be fixed the next day, come what may.

I agreed. Rain or shine, we committed ourselves to timely delivery. (Time is essence of the contract!). He promised that he would pay us cash on delivery and that he will not haggle on the price. Tell me how much I should pay and I will do so, he said.

I requested our senior technician to personally execute the job and he agreed. The unit was delivered and fixed the next day.

Dr. Henry telephoned me, thanked me and complimented me for the good job done to his satisfaction. A perfect Gentleman, Dr. Henry Dasa.

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