Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Va Quarter Cutting

Va Quarter Cutting is a recent tamil movie. The quarter here refers to a quarter bottle of whisky
or any hard liquor.

But my clarion call is: Va quarter collecting.

The quarter here refers to the quarter dollar (25 cents) coin of the United States.

I heard someone saying something about God's money and Man's money. He held a silver coin
in his hand and said that it was God's money and a few dollar notes on the other hand and said
that it was man's money.

On the 500 rupee note you find the words: I promise to pay the bearer the sum of five hundred rupees. Signed by the Governor, Reserve Bank of India. I suppose on demand we are to be given gold worth 500 rupees. Let it be.

All the quarter coins of the US minted till 1964 had a large content of silver in them. Some of these coins are still in circulation and can be collected by persons who are a little alert, who take a little time to observe the coins coming into their hands.

Now, here is the silver lining! Let's say you went to a shop and when you got the change you were given a quarter dated 1960.

Go to www.coinflation.com which gives live updates. Yo ho ho! The melt value of the silver in your coin of 25 cents as of today is 6.40 dollars. That is to say, you have got more than twenty five times the worth of the face value of the coin!

Similarly the one rupee coins minted between 1975 and 1982(big size) as well as those minted between 1983 to 1991 (small size) are cupro-nickel coins (i.e coins made out of a combination of copper and nickel) and the melt value of these coins are much more than one rupee. Some of these coins are still available in circulation. The present day one rupee coins are made out of steel. Unfortunately, we do not have a site like coinflation.

But all in all, it is worth saving those coins!

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