Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Venkataramana! Govinda! Goovinda!

I am writing this post in 2012 and when I look back or shall I say think back, I always get pleasant memories and the wonderful times we had in the seventies.

It is said that when senility sets in, one tends to remember events of distant past and not very recent ones!!

You see, in the seventies there was no internet, no TV, no Mobile to send SMS and so on.
To become known we always resorted to door to door campaign.

We used to go house after house and canvass for business. If ever we got an inkling that the prospective customer's mother tongue is telugu, we would speak only in telugu, in order to develop familiarity.

As we were entering a house we found children playing and conversing in telugu.

We knocked at the door.

"Evaru kaavala?" (Whom do you wish to see?)

"Ayyagaru unnaraa?" (Is Sir at home?)

"Evaru? Ramanagaara?" (Who? Mr. Ramana?)

"Avunandi" (Yes ma'am.)

"Pakka Illu" (Next door please).

AND WE BEAT A HASTY RETREAT. What else could we do?!!

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  1. Good one. So did u manage to sell a.c. to Ramanagaru?