Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And I thought the job was done!

And I thought the job was done!

Many years back we were supplying transformers to a leading switchgear manufacturing company in Madras (as it was known then).

So happened that for some reason our bills were outstanding for a very long time and the total amount due from them became quite huge.

We knew the General Manager (Finance) of that company very well - used to play cards with him every weekend - but never would we converse about our relationship with his company.

At one point of time, we could wait no longer and so thought why not we visit him in his office and explain our predicament. We did exactly that. He was very polite, understanding and quickly glancing at our list of bills outstanding, wrote: Pay and handed it over to us, asking us to approach his officials. We were on cloud nine.

We took the paper to the person who prepares cheques and handed it over to him...

He immediately opened his drawer and threw the paper inside. We wanted the cheque.
The guy says: Our GM has mentioned Pay. He has not written PAY TODAY. When I get the funds I will prepare the cheque.....

In those days - we never had the mind to see the GM again. We got our cheque in a few days though.

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