Sunday, January 22, 2012

Come on! Come on!!

On an earlier occasion I had mentioned about my visit to the Guindy Race Course and the
enthusiastic screams of "Come on!".

But several years prior to this we went to one of our customers house in Poes Garden
with a bill for Rs.880 towards repairing his refrigerator.

On seeing the bill he said: Come on, Come on.

At first we didn't quite understand what he was up to. Later we realised that he was asking
us to reduce the bill amount!

So we said after some hesitation: Okay, Sir. You may pay us Rs.850.

Again he said: Come on, Come on.

This went on for some time and I had to find some way out. So Isaid: Oh Come on, Sir. We cannot reduce any further.

He made out a cheque for Rs.800.

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