Sunday, January 15, 2012

The German connection

In the seventies very few people had refrigerators in their home. Fewer had air-conditioners.
Flats and apartments were unheard of. All houses were palatial.

Allwyn and Godrej were the Indian brands. Some houses had Frigidaire, Hotpoint, GE and Bosch.

We brought a beautiful Bosch refrigerator for repairs. On inspection the relay was found to be defective. We tried many shops and different relays but we could not get the right one.

Call it out-of-the-box thinking or lateral thinking. I wrote a nice appreciative letter to Bosch GMBH and told them how I could not use their fridge because of a defective relay and our futile attempts in trying to get one.

The letter which we wrote got erased from our memories. Believe it or not, in about a month's time we got a small parcel from Bosch with a new relay. Imagine our joy! Within five minutes the fridge was in working condition and was returned to an excited customer.

A year or two later we suggested this to another customer and he too got the relay, free of charge.

Danke Schoen! Danke Schoen!! Long live Bosch.

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