Saturday, January 21, 2012

FRIEDRICH Air-conditioner

In the eighties people had a fancy for imported air-conditioners.

There was an exodus of workers from the middle east to their homes in India. While coming back on T/R (Transfer of Residence) each person was allowed to bring in two used air-conditioners.

Quite a few of such people after some time wanted to dispose of their air-conditioners and often
sought our help.

Once we received a Friedrich air-conditioner for disposal. It was offered to a rural customer through a common friend.

Customer: I want an imported air-conditioner.
Our friend: Yes, sure, we can give you Friedrich.
Customer: Sorry. come again.
Our friend: Friedrich. Friedrich.
Customer: Sorry.
Our friend: Friedrich. You know something like fried rice.
Customer: What did you say?
Our friend: Fried rice, Sir. Like Plate rice.
Customer: Oh. I understand. SEND IT.

The deal was closed. People were crazy for foreign goods. Tomorrow I will tell you
something even more strange.

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