Sunday, January 15, 2012

No questions asked replacement

We've all heard about "No questions asked replacement". Rarely do we get a chance to experience this first hand.

The Chennai Book Fair is an annual affair during the month of January and at present the 35th Edition of this fair is on. (While talking about the Book fair many of you might remember the ghastly fire that raged and burnt thousands of books a few years back.)

Many years back I purchased my favourite COD (Concise Oxford Dictionary) in the Oxford University Press stall. After a day or two I found one or two pages missing. Not that it really mattered, the fair was still on and I visited them.

With dictionary in hand, I started, "Sir, I ..". Even before I could begin my sentence the salesman gave me a new copy of the dictionary, took the defective copy gently from my hands and threw it aside!

No questions asked? One might call this "No complaints heard replacement!!"

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