Monday, January 9, 2012



These days we often hear of world class service.

What does world class service mean? It is an extra-ordinary excellence in the
delivery of service.

But when one experiences such world class service it becomes more understandable.

Let me explain to you what happened to me today. I was under pressure of time, since I am leaving India to fly to US of A. I had to pay a sum of Rs.4,350 in the Bank.

As I entered the bank premises near my house, to my dismay I found that there was a power
glitch and the computer systems were down and not expected to be back in service for a few hours.

Just then I heard a friendly voice; the bank officer Balaji recognised me (he had been seeing me regularly many years back when I used to frequent another branch of the same bank were my company was having an account). He enquired about my well-being and put me at ease. I also found him helping people all round with pleasant demeanor.

I told him my predicament and without hesitation asked me to give the money to him and that he will do the needful once the computers are set right.

After a few hours he sent me an SMS saying that my job was done.

If this is not world class service, what else is?

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