Friday, January 27, 2012

Induction motor joke-man

Time machine goes back to year 1988.

CAL. I am not talking about Calcutta (Kolkata). I am talking about Carrier Aircon Limited.
We were among the firsts to be inducted as their dealers. Besides we also doubled up as their C&F Agents.

Noel's Air-conditioners. How these cross-belted(!) guys could name themselves as Noel's one might ask. Well, CAL was in a hurry. They gave one minute time to name ourselves and my friend came up with Noel's, because he had just then returned from US and Noel's was the biggest dealer for Carrier in US!!

Mr. Ramesh Sarin visited our show-room, it was in a lovely location in T. Nagar, Venkatanarayana Road (now known as High Road), adjoining the T.Nagar Social Club.
The palatial Venkataramana Centre stands there today.

Mr. Sarin's visit was followed by Mr. Raghavan's. He ivited all dealers to a cocktails and dinner in a five-star hotel. He suggested that each one of us should tell a joke.

Student was called for a campus interview and he was asked how an induction motor starts.


Stop it.


Ever since that day, I was known as the Induction motor joke-man. Even today, after
all these 23 years, I am sure Mr. Raghavan will remember this induction motor joke-man!!!

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