Sunday, January 1, 2012


I have been in business for over forty years. Over the years I have been through ever
so many trials and tribulations, successes and failures , happy moments and so on.

Since I will be going away from the country for over six months and will be having plenty (more than plenty in fact!) of time, I thought I will share my views and my philosophy of business with you all. I wish to do this on a daily basis as far as possible.

A major part of my business life, I have spent in selling and servicing air-conditioners and it is inevitable and natural that I keep mentioning about the Air-conditioning business. But then there are ever so many things that are common and can be applied to any business.

Today is January 1, 2012. And it is time for resolutions.

I received this wonderful message from my friend Francis Xavier who is a dealer for air-conditioners. Now let us see what he says:

Fresh Hopes, Fresh Plans, Fresh Efforts,
Fresh Feelings, Fresh Commitment,
Welcome with a fresh Attitude.
Cheers, Happy New Year !!!!

Wonderful Xavier!

Fresh Hopes: Man lives on hope. Hope can move mountains. With hope one can achieve anything. Remember Hanumanji? He moved an entire mountain and brought it miles across.

Fresh Plans: Nothing can be achieved without planning. It is often said: Plan you work and work your plan.
How true. Let everyone of us start planning - realistically!!

Fresh Efforts: One must have untiring effort. Can anyone forget Edison? After thousand failed attempts he just said:
"We now know a thousand ways (how) not to build a bulb". How we wish we could put in such untiring effort?

Fresh feelings: Feeling is very close to attitude. I suppose you cannot attain altitude without attitude!!

Fresh commitment: My elder brother greeted me for the new year this morning and he was recollecting how my father used to say that even if you (any one of us) were to be a gardener you should take up your work seriously, be committed and explore ways and means to make it more happier, more purposeful. Alas! This is one trait which I sadly find missing in a majority of the youngsters today. Let us all be more committed towards our work, our family and our world and surroundings (!!!).

Fresh attitude: And may we all have a positive attitude!

Let us resolve this year to strive for the above!!

Once again, Happy New Year.

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