Saturday, January 14, 2012

This is also service

Just one of those days. Place: MGR Nagar, Chennai Time:06.15 a.m.

My wife and I were on the way to attend a wedding.

We were almost there but did not know which way to go. I slowed my car and enquired one or two persons - they were neither enthusiastic nor informative. I realised it would be better to enquire with any shopkeeper than passers-by who themselves could be new to the area.

It was then that I saw this flower-seller. She had a small wooden table on which she had kept the flowers nicely displayed. She looked bright and beaming. We went to her and asked her where the marriage hall was located. With a pleasant smile she said, " Go straight, second right and the hall is almost towards the end of the road. You can take your car inside and park it on the road side." She then gave my wife a few flowers and smilingly asked us to proceed.

On the way back after attending the wedding, I stopped my car near her shop and bought flowers for 30 Rupees. It was my small way of expressing my admiration (read:gratitude) on her rendering service without any expectation.

Render service without expectation and God will take care of your cash registers.

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