Friday, January 13, 2012

What I need to know

When a customer walks into my showroom or converses with me over phone I gather the following information:

(a) Where does he/she want the unit to be installed?

The area will give me an idea whether this customer has to have a single boost or a double
boost stabilizer.

(b) What is the room size and is there a room above?

You should note that the second part of the question is very important. A 10' x 12' room in the ground floor of a three floor apartment complex would need a one tonne unit whereas the same room in the top floor needs a one-and-a-half tonne unit because of the heat radiation.

(c) What would be the approximate distance between the indoor and outdoor units?

We need to know this to determine the length of copper pipes and the cost.

(d) Where would the outdoor unit be kept?

If an angle iron stand is required, would cost extra.

(e) What is the mode of payment?

If credit card is presented, there is a service charge.

(f) Delivery charges: This I need not explicitly ask. During the course of my conversation, I will
come to know of the address where the unit is to be delivered and I will mentally calculate the delivery cost based on the distance.

Once I am certain that I have all of the above information, I am in a position to offer a price to my customer based on the model that he/she chooses and then say: This is the price, AND NOT ONE RUPEE EXTRA!

By this time the customer realises that there are no hidden charges whatsoever and the deal is closed!


You see, all of the above information is given gratis to you and if you need further tutoring, I am afraid I will have to charge you fees of just 2 dollars an hour!!

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