Thursday, January 12, 2012

Uppundha? Pappundhi!

This was narrated to me by my wife Lalitha.

Customer comes to shop and asks: Uppundha? ( Can I get Salt?)
Shopkeeper replies: Pappundhi (Dhall is available)

Well in yesteryears probably the superstitious shopkeepers didn't wish to give a negative reply.

In my neighbourhood shop, the shopkeeper will never start his day with a credit sale.

But life is not so simple these days. If you visit a super market with self-service, it is okay.

Le us imagine the kirana shop:

Do you have paste?

What paste?

Sorry, I meant tooth-paste.

Pepsodent, vicco, colgate.........

Colgate will do.

Colgate - Salt or Total or plus...?? What size?

Oh, maddening!

To you, or to me!!!!

In my line of business, I have devised my own format to arrive at the right item
for the customer. More about this tomorrow....

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