Monday, January 23, 2012

Monica, oh my darling!

Some years back Voltas used to conduct yearly dealer meets for all the dealers in the four southern states. Each year the meeting would be held in a different state.

In one such meeting which was held in Visakapatnam an upcoming actress had been invited
to sing a few songs. After one or two songs she started singing:

Piya tu ab to aa jaa
Shola sa mann daheke, aake bujha jaa
Tan ki jwalaa thandi ho jayee, ai se gale laga jaa
Aa ha aha, aa ha aha, aa ha aha, aa ha aha

Then she paused a little and looked around waiting for someone to sing the male portion.

Nobody took the cue and so I shouted with gusto:

Monica, oh my darling Monica, oh my darling

There was cheering all round. I was on cloud nine. It was an unforgettable experience....

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