Monday, January 9, 2012

Out-of-the-box thinking....


Out-of-the-box or innovative thinking is needed not only in business but in day-to-day
life as well.

I have an apartment in Coimbatore in a complex which houses around 140 apartments.
Most of the owners have bought apartments for investment purposes and they send their
monthly maintenance charges on-line. Each apartment owner pays Rs.4,320 for three months
and with a large number of entries for this very same amount, the association mentioned that they
were finding it very difficult to reconcile their Bank statement.

So what do I do?

Today I paid into their account a sum of Rs. 4,350 (4,320 + 30 extra). This way my amount will be an odd-man out and they can very easily check out the payment made by me.

To blow my trumpet - some innovative thinking!!

Until tomorrow...

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