Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Customer's need - and want


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I wanted to tell you something about a customer's need - and his want.
Before I relate my experience in dealing with a customer's need and his want,
let me tell you something even more interesting.

I was curious to know what people tell about needs and wants and I happened
You may want to visit this site - but let me tell you, you need to do it right now!!!

About a month back a young yuppie approached me and his need was for
a two ton and a one-and-a half ton air-conditioner. I explained to him everything
that he needed to know and the sale was closed. Well, almost.

He said that he wanted to come to my showroom and see the units before they are
sent to him. The two ton unit was in packed condition but the one-and-a-half ton unit
was fixed in our showroom.

I for one, never bluff to my customer. I explained to him that the said unit was indeed
a new one and moreover the unit is kept only for display and never actually operated.
Furthermore this unit was fixed in the showroom only a day or two back. I was being
very truthful.

But wait. The customer went home and insisted that he wanted to have a packed unit

I promised the customer that I would get a packed unit from elsewhere and have it
delivered to him. He agreed and so the sale did not slip from my hands.

Lesson learnt by me: Identify a customer's need ........ and his want!!!!

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Bhargav ji..I have read all your posts and i will continue to read and contribute...I am sure you are out of country with your daughter and i wish you a happy stay..and of course a peaceful life...all the best