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Let us first see what the Kural has to say about fair means:

Kural No: 112 says 'seppam udayavan aakam sidhaivindri Echathirkum yemmaapu udaithu'

It means: 'Wealth (children, financial wealth, friends, charity and fame) earned by a person using fair means will protect not only the person but also his future generations.'

Year: 1976

I had joined hands with two of my friends Ranganath and Gopalakrishnan to do air-conditioning and refrigeration business. We had our trials and tribulations - and there were people around to encourage
us to continue.

One such person was Mr. C.V.R. Panikar, IAS officer and his letter sent to us is standing testimony
to such encouragement.

C V R Panikar
19/2 Harrington Road
Madras 600 030

16th Nov 1976

Dear Mr. Ranganathan,

As discussed with you over the telephone, I am herewith sending you a cheque for Rs.300/- (Rupees threee hundred ) as the charges for your services in attempting to repair my "Hotpoint" Refrigerator. The Indian-made thermostat you supplied, for which you had indicated a cost of Rs.185/-, is also returned herewith because the original thermostat is found to be working and the extra one is not really needed.

I trust this settles your outstanding Invoice No.115/76-77/Ser dated 8.8.1976 and is a fair solution of how much to pay for a job which continues to remain incomplete!

Let me also take this opportunity to thank you for your consistent courtesy and helpful attitude despite the many frustrations this particular repair job must have caused you!

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Ranganathan
Kool Kontrols
115-B Mowbrays Road
Madras 600 018

Encl: Crossed cheque drawn on Syndicate Bank B 17 No.467175 dated 16.11.76 for Rs. 300/-

Life moved at the leisurely pace then and people had the time and steno-typist to shoot out such letters.
But then, how do people appreciate now-a-days?

Let us see tomorrow....

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  1. Bhargav, that was so nostalgic to read. have started following your blog... keep up the writing.