Monday, January 2, 2012

Tomatoes and the tale of retail.....

Much is spoken these days about FDI in retail.

In the beginning air-conditioners were sold only by small companies who were
the authorised sales and service dealers of manufacturing companies.

The story is quite different now. You have retailers, retail distributors, wholesale
dealers, multi-brand dealers and so on.

Still being in a small company, many a time customers pose me this question.
But the price quoted by you is much higher than in xxx retail shop. Why so?

And so I tell them the story of tomatoes. You see they buy tomatoes in lorry loads
whereas we buy tomatoes in basket loads. So much so there is bound to be some difference.

The very name retail - has a tail! And is it any wonder that the tail is wagged once in
a while?!!

Until tomorrow....

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