Friday, January 20, 2012

Used newspaper!

I market Voltas air-conditioners.

These air-conditioners are manufactured in PRC (Peoples Republic of China).
From China they are shipped and sent to Mumbai.
From Mumbai port to warehouse - warehouse to Chennai warehouse and finally
they reach our store. From our store they are shipped to the customer place.

In this chain of events at some place/s there is every possibility of the carton
box getting dirty and/or slightly damaged.

I have come across a few customers who exclaim: Look, the carton is damaged!
So what, Sir. The carton is a packaging material and it protects your item inside
by getting damaged. What if it is damaged a little, you are anyway going to throw
it away. Please inspect your air-conditioner and let me know its condition!

While conversing with my elder brother Janardan a few days before I left for the
US recently the above subject came up for discussion. He told me: Dad used to
say that there are some people who would refuse to accept a used newspaper
from the newspaperwallah.

Used newspaper? My foot!

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