Wednesday, January 11, 2012

STRIVING for World Class Service


Today I want to tell you about an organisation which is indeed delivering world class service
but where the employees took it a little too much (no offense meant)!!

V. Motors in Chennai is having a modern Maruti car service centre in the heart of the city
in Mylapore. Sometime back I had given my car for service to them and later informed
them that I will myself collect it back from their service station. Being in the service industry myself I wanted to have a look into their service station and the kind of service they deliver.

The staff were very courteous. They promptly took me into their plush customer bay. This is an air-conditioned room, with sofa sets, centre table with newspapers, TV with cable connection, drinking water, rest room attached and so on. They asked me to be seated for a while till they complete the formalities of delivering my car which was ready after service. A person came in said: Sir, here is the newspaper. Again he said: Shall I switch on the TV? Which channel would you like to view? Yes, I wanted to look into the newspaper and also wanted to watch my favourite programme which was being telecast at that time. To crown it all a person came to me and asked me whether I wanted to have Tea or Coffee. I said: No, thanks. You see it was around 9.30 in the morning and everyday I have a cup of tea around 11 am. Not before that. I could see that somehow he was not satisfied and wanted me to have either. So, to please him I half-heartedly said: I will have tea. He felt excited and promptly brought me a cup of hot steaming tea.

Just before I left I was handed over a customer satisfaction report (which was to be sent to the car manufacturer) in which there was a question: Were you offered tea/coffee?

Ah, how I wish that he had known that even though I said, No, thanks, I would have promptly
replied Yes to the question of their offer for a cup of tea or coffee!!!

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